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What do School Governors do?

We have six meetings a year; three Full Governing Body meetings where we are supported with a clerk from the Local
Authority and three Full Governing Body Business meetings.
Three other meetings are business committees
The Chair of Governors is Mrs Emma Paine.

There are three main responsibilities for governing bodies as a whole.
           • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction - The governing body should agree the strategic
             priorities, aims and objectives for the school and agree the policies, plans and targets for how to                       achieve them.
             They should monitor progress and review regularly their strategic framework for the school in the light               of the progress.
          • Hold the Head teacher to account - It is the role of the Governing body to support and strengthen the                head teacher’s leadership and to hold them to account for the performance of pupils and staff. This is                particularly important in relation to the educational performance of the school.
         • Oversee school finances - Governing bodies are responsible for making sure their school’s money is well
           spent. They should do this by making sure that they have at least one governor with specific skills and
           experience of financial matters, and by asking questions.

Each governor has a link role within the school, these are Performance Management and Appraisal, Child Protection,
SEND, Health & Safety, Complaints, Governor Training, Key Stage link governors, Pupil Premium, RSHE and PE.